PHRASES IN HINDI is a lesson towards Hindi learning. as we know in English , many times the phrase is used instead of sentences. Phrases are group of words which can express a concept and used as a unit within a sentence .

This phrase is so prevalent that everyone who wants to speak and understand Hindi is very important to be familiar with it. This phrase is also very simple because it is not bound by tricky grammatical rules. let’s see some important PHRASES IN HINDI


2Nothing elseaur kuch nahiNothing – nahin
3See you tomorrowKal milengeKal – tomorrow
4Yes sirHan, sir
6Why not?Kiyon nahi?Kiyon – why
7That’s enough.bus, rahney do.
8Good  byeAcha chalte hain.acha – good
9just coming.abhi aa raha hoon.abhi – just
10Thanks for this honoris samman ke liye, dhanyawad-thanks,samman-honour
11Very wellBahut achabahut-very
12Take caredhyan rakhnadhyan-care
13Rest assuredBharosa rakhBharosa – assured
14Nothing specialkoi khas bat nahikhas- special, nahi-nothing
15Too muchBahut hai.bahut- too
16I say stop.rukoruko-stop
18Come hereIdhar aaoidhar- here
19Take ityah lo.lo – take
20Wait outsideBahar intezar karobahar-outside
21Get offUtar jao
22Stop hereYahan rukoruko – stop
24Be readyTaiyar ho jaoTaiyar- ready
25Get outNikal jaoNikal- out
26Go slowlyDhirey jaoDhirey- slowly
27again and againbar-bar 
28face to faceaamnay samney 
29tit for tatjaise to taisa 
30I am sorrymujhe maaf karenmujhe- I, maaf- sorry
31No problemkoi bat nahiNahi – No
32Can you repeatKya aap dobara bol sakte hain.Kya- if, Aap- you, Dobara- repeat, bol- say, Sakte- can
31I understoodMai samajh gaya.Mai- I, samajh- understood

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In this “PHRASES IN HINDI” post , I have written you some phrases which are used a lot in Hindi language. There are many such words in Hindi language but it is a bit difficult to remember them all together. The right way to remember it is to use this language in your daily conversation, by this you will gradually learn many new words. If you want to know more, then do comment us, we will help you in every possible way.

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